How to Prepare Coconut Milk Yogurt

Coconut milk yogurt

Coconut milk is a very popular ingredient used in Asian cuisines and people from this part of the continent are really crazy about their coconut milk. Use of coconut has always rendered the essential creamy flavor to Thai, Sri Lankan and Indian cuisines. Apart from being just an ingredient, coconut milk is also known for its nutritional and healing properties.

The health conscious people from all over the world are trying out new things to keep themselves fit and healthy. Coconut milk yogurt is the new addition to the list of nutritious drinks that come with several benefits.

The benefits of the coconut milk yogurt are many but the one that stands out among others is the introduction of good bacteria into the body. The good bacteria help to reduce the toxins in our body and maintain the balance of bacteria in the body. This nutritious drink can bought at local stores or you can just prepare it at home. There are several methods to prepare this drink at home but it really depends on your choice and resources to use any one of them. The ingredients required and the procedure for the preparation is given below:

Coconut Oil Alzheimer’s Disease Benefits

Green coconut with a straw

The research of people living in tropical countries showed how rarely the population suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. The scientist proved that the main reason for it is a high consumption of coconuts.

What are coconut oil Alzheimer’s disease benefits?

It is believed that triglycerides contained in coconut oil can affect Alzheimer’s disease. Nowadays, it is believed as one of the most effective remedies against this disease.

The things causing Alzheimer’s disease haven’t been discovered yet, effective medicines for it is obviously not enough. The prospect of the development of drugs against this disease looks as illusory as the development of a cure for cancer.

Coconut Oil Cholesterol Free Diet

Coconut halves

Cholesterol appears in the result of metabolism product penetrating into all tissues and organs. All animal products contain this product. Especially a lot of cholesterol is kept in the liver and egg yolks. If you consume them, the level of cholesterol in the body is very high, and it can provoke vascular diseases, atherosclerosis, and a bile stone disease. So you should pay special attention to a cholesterol-free diet.

Coconut oil

This liquid is extracted from the kernel or pulp of ripe nuts. This product is the main source of fat in the diet. It also has various applications in cooking, medicine and industry.

This product belongs to a group of lauric oils. It is made from the dried fruit pulp of coconuts. This group of oils is characterized by the considerable content of saturated fatty acids with the number of carbon atoms 12 and 14 (lauric and myristic), which determines their firm texture. Fats of this group are characterized with rapid crystallization.

Coconut Oil Diabetes Benefits and Other Secrets of This Tropical “Doctor”

Coconut halves

Coconut oil is an inexhaustible natural source of energy, since it is completely absorbed by the organism and it is never stored as fat. The coconut is simply irreplaceable for people suffering from diabetes, those wishing to lose weight and following an active way of life.

The useful properties of this tropical product also include its prevention the risk of developing cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and age memory loss. This liquid improves the immunity and the body’s resistance to viral and bacterial infections. These are sure not to be the complete list of benefits this product gives us.

Coconut oil diabetes benefits

Diabetes is considered to be a metabolic disorder. People usually suffer from a sharp increase in blood sugar (glucose). It occurs when the pancreas can’t produce enough amount of insulin. The aim of insulin is transporting glucose into the cells, where it turns into energy.

The Beauty We Get From Coconuts. Coconut Milk Health Benefits

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Nowadays coconuts are sold at almost any store. And do you know that this is not only a tasty and dietary product, but also an excellent cosmetic means: natural hair conditioner, a cleansing mask for skin and anti-aging lotion!

Coconut is perfect for the care of oily and sensitive skin of the face, as it dries it, disinfects and eliminates irritation. However, it removes the excess fat, gently moisturizes the skin restoring it.

For cosmetic purposes, you can use coconut oil or milk. So, for example, coconut milk is included in the recipe of beauty of the legendary beauties. These recipes are still very popular. In Yemen coconut milk is mixed with one glass of goat’s milk (if you don’t have goat one, try to replace it with cow’s one). Drink this cocktail (a half) on an empty stomach in the morning, and use the second half for washing the face and body. Such a procedure is conducted once a week, in order to preserve the beauty and youth.

Coconut Oil for Weight Loss, Beauty and Youth

Coconut and a bottle of oil

What do you think, when it comes to the coconut tree?

Some imagine the sun, sandy beaches the sea breeze. Many people will think of delicious aroma of coconut milk. In fact, we know that there are numerous secrets of female beauty in this wonderful plant. There are a lot of hidden wonders for girls in this fantastic product. Take a look at it carefully.

Since immemorial time the coconuts have grown in Ceylon and have made people’s lives useful, because this plant is a real Tree of Life. All the components of the coconuts are used for different purposes: juice, solid chips, oil, mantle. And all are without chemical additives! It is explained by the fact that coconut products shall not pass through any chemical processes for cleaning and bleaching.

Is Coconut Oil Good for Hair? All Pros and Cons.

Hair care

Is coconut oil good for hair? Most of women are sure to have tried a body scrub or balm with coconuts in the composition. You know that coconuts have a very pleasant smell, they give a useful, beneficial effect on skin and hair condition.

In the cosmetics industry coconuts are used very widely. You also should try applying coconut oil in its pure form. This product is known to be strengthening and nutrition hair. Long, shiny, smooth locks of Asian beauties always attract attention; you can also achieve this affect using this wonderful remedy.

Coconut oil belongs to the group of palm (lauric) oils. It is usually clear or of a whitish-yellow color. Unrefined product smells like coconuts, and a refined one, which is usually applied in cosmetology, has no smell. If you put unrefined oil in the refrigerator, it hardens. For hair care and skin the best use is an unrefined one, because it contains a maximum of useful substances.

What is Coconut Flour?

Coconut flour

Coconut is one of the few plants, whose scientific name is not traced back to the Greek roots. It comes from a Portuguese coco – «monkey», and it was given because of the stains on the nut, which makes it look like the face of a monkey.

Fresh pulp is used for preparation of many dishes and delicacies. Solid shell of the coconut is used for various craft projects – ware, buttons, toys, souvenirs and even musical instruments.

Coconuts are 15-30 cm in length, relatively rounded, weight 1.5-2.5 kg. The outer shell of the fruit is filled with fibers internal hard shell, with 3 pores. Seed consists of fleshy surface layer of white color with a thickness of 12 mm (pulp or copra).

Coconut Oil Acne Treatment and Other Remedies for This Unpleasant Problem

Skin treatment

Acne. How much trouble and anxiety these little black dots cause! And how to cope with them?

Acne appears as a result of hyperthyroidism (high performance) of the sebaceous glands, which is accompanied by a bacterial infection. In other words, the glands secrete a lot of fat, which lingers on the skin surface. Moreover the skin is covered dead skin cells, dirt particles and fibers clothes. All of this creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Acne are formed when the pores of the skin become clogged. If clogged follicles become inflamed, it may cause of purulent pimples that can «breed» with great rapidity. This is why acne which at first sight may seem to be only a cosmetic flaw is necessary to be treated.

Vitamins, minerals, and sugar in coconut products


The name “coconut” comes from the Portuguese word Coco, which means an ape. Why was this fruit given such a name? Because on the purified from coconut fibres there are 3 eyes, which resemble monkey’s face.

The homeland of coconuts is South-East Asia. Most of all coconut trees are widespread in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and etc. Coconuts prefer a sandy beach, but can grow in any soil. Coconuts are well spread all over the world, because they can swim the ocean for a whole year and not lose viability. Then they are blown to the shore where they germinate.